FAQs and Tips


Power Outages/Weather: Electrical outages can and do happen in the country.  They can be caused by ice, wind, and electrical storms to name a few.  We cannot give rental concession for an act of God do to the loss of power and the inconvenience it brings.  Should you encounter an electrical storm please unplug electronic equipment and stay out of the hot tub. If traveling during anticipated snowfall – we recommend a vehicle that travels well in snow.

Heat and A/C: Should gas or A/C not be working upon arrival at the cabin please contact Ron Bell at 740-405-7225.  Please make sure the unit is on before reporting an outage.

Bugs: Although we take care in cleaning and treating your cabin, you are in the country which is the natural habitat of bugs & spiders.  Please don’t be shocked if you see one.  In addition, please do not leave food out overnight where it will attract bugs or mice.

Damages: Damages will be charged to your credit card.  Because this cabin is new there are many expensive electronics, games, and décor.  If you are traveling with children please supervise their use of these items.  Please, we understand accidents can happen, if you break any kind of glass we need to know so that we can make sure it is properly cleaned up.

Check in: 4pm See access instructions provided with confirmation information.

Check out: 11am Please follow the instructions in the binder at the cabin for checkout.

What to bring: Bed linens, towels, washcloths, pillows, pots, pans, silverware and cooking utensils are provided.  We provide enough toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags to get you started. You will need to supply your own toilet paper, paper towels and trashbags once the starter supply has been used. If you have a specific brand you “only” use please bring it with you.  We do not provide beach towels for the hot tub so please bring with you.  Please bring your own coffee, coffee filters and toiletries.  The cabins use well water - please bring water bottle or jug water if desired. Also if you wish to use the laundry area – please bring your own detergents, softeners and dryer sheets.

WIFI: Cabins offer FREE WIFI for guests. Please check manuals/welcome letters for details.

DIRECTTV: Cabins offer FREE basic DirectTv. 

Amenity Repairs: Occasionally appliances as in hot tub, stove, washer/dryer can malfunction.  Please notify us as soon as possible so we can request service. We will service and restore use as quickly as possible but can’t make a rental concession for things outside our control. 

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